Un fatto umano (Mafia Is Just Human) Einaudi Stile Libero, 2011, pp. 358, GRAPHIC NON FICTION 
Drawings: Alessandro Parodi, Fabrizio Longo
Story: Manfredi Giffone
An astonishing, beautiful and vivid account of two decades of mafia history. Between the Seventies and the early Nineties, Cosa Nostra is the most powerful criminal organization of the world and Sicily is the crossroads of international traffics and of Italian power conspiracies. Palermo is the setting of a war between mafia families and of a frontal assault against the State. In this violent atmosphere, in spite of everything, a maniple of men decide to fight against mafia, to cut off all the connections with political istitutions. The book covers the battle waged on the mafia by these members of the judiciary and recalls the brutal stream of assassinations which marked the period between the first revelations of the collaborators and the merciless assassinations of judges Falcone and Borsellino, heroes of the Anti-Mafia cause. In a sharp, hard-hitting style heavily inspired by the teachings of the great comic strip masters (first of all Art Spiegelman), this provocative new work brings to life all the key figures from Mafia history in the form of brilliantly depicted personified animals, in the same vein of Blacksad by Spanish authors Canales and Guarnido.

French rights sold to Les Arènes (publication date: April 2012).
Cover of the italian edition (Einaudi  Editore)
"An ambitious project [...] and a successful project."
il Venerdì di Repubblica
"A small masterpiece of a graphic novel"
il Messaggero
Cover of the french edition (Éditions Les Arenes)
"A visionary and original account of a monumental documentary research effort."
"The result of six years work, enriched by a 70 page bibliography. A human undertaking which constitutes a great act of love. And we readers are grateful for it."
Il Fatto Quotidiano

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